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    To be honest, Vuong Han must take Kelais away, otherwise Kelais will definitely die. After all, Kelais has brought him into the group of elves. Although Kelais did not misunderstand Vuong Han, she absolutely did not think of this. will arise! Vuong Han directly cut a piece of meat from the guy behind this group of elves, regarding the talents of this group of elves? Who cares... After gaining breath points, Wang Han has the ability for Keles to learn more biome talents, and doesn't need to lock it on the spirit biome. What's more... not to mention the fact that he has completely controlled this regeneration energy, he will not feel that Trinh Noan has anything to teach him, the more he looks, the more he feels that this person is not what he is looking for. same type, but looking for a dog, a dog that is completely submissive to itself, only in this way can it sit back and relax and become the king of this world.

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    Vuong Han's purpose for asking this question is very simple. Before, he could directly absorb Devourer's body to directly increase his soul power, so now he definitely can, as for directly buying the finished product. also. It's a waste to absorb it. At the same time, Wang Han was somewhat scared when he said that he was going to the golden group at this time. Not to mention the relationship between him and Chengnuan, the group of elves, let's talk about his current body's special characteristics. If someone from the golden ancestors discovered his specialties, then it is absolutely impossible for him to leaving the golden ancestor...

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    Having said that, Feng Shuyi and the others were surprised to be swept into the horizon. At first glance, this world was not much better. The sky of this world was also punctured with a large hole. They even looked up. by this At that time, there was a feeling of standing on a cliff and looking down into the abyss towards the bottom of the cliff. This is very scary, the horizon seems to have a great attraction, the dust in many dimensions is sucked up, like inside a deflated balloon, everything is moving from the dimension to the lower world Fei , the seemingly normal ground finally revealed the rows of houses inside. The original sentimental buildings were buried under these ashes! Nuo Qianjin, who had just woken up from a coma, finally understood, "So this world used to be very developed. Look, there is a small lake full of corpses there, and you can vaguely saw it somewhere else. “This is a commercial street…”

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    "YES!" Keles closed his palm, gently exhaled, and couldn't help but get closer to Vuong Han. Waiting for their arms to be close to each other, Keles turned the page again, "The Star Sea giants are a race of orcs." much, I will tell Mr. Vuong Han the last sentence that he will definitely encounter often in the future."

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    So we can only use breath to make some weapons, but they directly use breath as a weapon? Vuong Han came to such a conclusion. The other person nodded after closing his eyes and staring at a stream of light breath flying in. air. In some thoughts, "In my current experience, breathing is something that lies between illusion and reality. When I do not control it, it is a completely transparent existence that can easily escape from my body. Going through it won't do any harm, but as long as I use my soul to control my breathing, the feedback that breathing gives me is like a real metal ball , and I can only use the power of my soul to push it outside the metal ball, holding the metal ball, there is no way to penetrate the metal ball anymore, moreover the aura has two states This simultaneous state is the key to the opponent's victory. I don't know what tricks the opponent uses. Therefore, the aura is clearly being manipulated. In this state, it is still in this illusory state, to It enters my body, directly integrates into my soul, then directly destroys the structure of all controlled breath, and then causes a devastating blow."

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    It took Wang Han a long time to use his body that was being swallowed by the black flame to slowly devour the world. During this time, he did not find any difference in the entire world, nor did he find any difference in the world. see any trace of Anke and the others. It was as if the world had left. He was the only one to go down. He was depressed for a while because of this, but then was tortured to death by the black fire. This kind of thing was gradually forgotten.

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    This! Feng Tian smiled knowingly, looking at Ye Lin's slightly protruding belly, he said seriously: "Okay! Let's take her down first, and after we figure these out, let's move on." kept moving towards the unknown sea. the stars, and today is truly a happy day! Aunt Qianqian finally let us go, and I finally became a father. And this time it was parents No, if they were like that, then it would be a happy ending for everyone! But even if he was as strong as my father, he might become a grandfather without knowing why !”

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    Of course, after being destroyed, they will directly gain more powerful forces. This Devourer will return to his homeland, a place called Holy Capital, I have memories of this place. very little, can't stand it. "Explore. So, to put it simply, these stone puppets are called World Devourers. In my opinion, they are industrious little bees that go out to collect honey. Just return to the hive And our power is too weak, for them, they don't have any good ideas."

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    Of course, after being destroyed, they will directly gain more powerful forces. This Devourer will return to his homeland, a place called Holy Capital, I have memories of this place. very little, can't stand it. "Explore. So, to put it simply, these stone puppets are called World Devourers. In my opinion, they are industrious little bees that go out to collect honey. Just return to the hive And our power is too weak, for them, they don't have any good ideas."

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    "Bizarre." Vuong Han doesn't understand what's going on right now. He doesn't know much about this type of spaceship. He has been very lonely all his life, and then he went towards the energy storage location. Let's go, at the same time asking the system about energy one after another, the answer is that the spacecraft itself has no problem, the spacecraft engine still has a lifespan of 100, the spacecraft's external defense module still has a lifespan 99%. These damages to the outside of the spacecraft are still based on the basis of no energy and no repair. If there is no problem with the energy source, as long as there is no immediate heavy loss, the spacecraft will still be damaged. Back with a completely new look. So, Vuong Han can confirm one thing: the spacecraft has no problem, there is an energy problem, go and observe what happens in the energy storage.

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    Otherwise, from the current situation, I have returned to this planet, and it still exists here, and it even has the same memory as when I left. There is no contradiction with my memories... Then I will try to directly destroy the nine chains in front of me? At least destroy these chains, and time in this place will flow normally? So even though they were stolen a lot of time, I was relatively able to also make the world start working again... From this point on, I can understand why all these did this happen again?

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    When Vuong Han went to the cockpit, he discovered that the cockpit on the other side had only two seats, behind was the passenger compartment, the passenger compartment had only 200 seats, compressed together, and the materials used were also extremely large. light weight, high strength, so don't look at the spacecraft that is only ten meters long and two meters wide, but the power of the entire spacecraft or space shuttle is far beyond the previous one, compared to a large-bellied spacecraft. If this space shuttle collides with the other space shuttle, then the shuttle will have no problem at all, like a metal dart passing through a balloon filled with air, the balloon directly explodes, and the remaining force of the dart will not decrease.

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    When the spaceship formation came to this area, preparing to fly away, I left the spaceship alone to watch them go away. I completely destroyed my body and chose to commit suicide, leaving my soul intact. in this area. time, I also learned that the enemy biome directly controls a type of breath resonance talent, which is the ability to use breath spread in the sea of stars to search for any individual, and even They can also use this breath to create extremely different attacks that destroy each other's souls. When they find the remaining Roja formation, they will also destroy Roja's formation talent. This is them. My precious treasures in space and time, those assets cannot be counted on the soul."

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    "They are very powerful, destructive existences, their mercy is only used within this group. As for other groups, without good communication, Roja's appearance will is a problem. The leader of the era of destruction! So these things I just said need to be investigated clearly. Rojas cannot let this kind of thing develop so easily and naturally, otherwise, from them Developing the speed of speculation, Rojas will probably soon be able to reach a level that surpasses our imagination..."

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    "Do you still remember a person named Zhou Wukan?"

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    "So what should we do?" Nuo Qianjin nodded repeatedly, curiously asking when the others were stunned.

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    As for how long this period of time lasted, she didn't remember clearly, it could have been a year, it could have been ten thousand years, who cares, who cares, after all, it's just life, it's too personal. What about difficulty? ? You must know that there are many difficult things in this world. My grandfather always told me to look forward no matter what happens, but if you can see even a little light, don't give up hope. , be a good person. Reasonable people, but if you are really stuck in a very dark environment, there are monsters and monsters everywhere, and if you take away the strongest person, this is a bloody thing. But at this moment, her vague feelings were temporarily disturbed, and a voice appeared from the intercom next to her.

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    Therefore, it would be inaccurate to describe the Tien Do group system as infighting. They are a bit like immortals in there. They are uninhibited and can mess with whoever they want. If they are classified as Tien Do group, they will deal with those people. around them. Everyone, placed outside the Xiandu group, they will also directly deal with the existence of other groups, the so-called indiscriminate treatment is a group whose nature is quite straightforward and understandable. " Wang Han leaned back in his chair. , Looking at the back of Cetaphil leaving, "It took me about a month to roughly understand some things about the Xiandu community, but I have been in the spirit community for so many years, and I Still can't think of anything about it. Specific judgments about the spirit communities, not to mention the Maya communities that have been there two or three times, these communities seem to be more introverted and complex, at first glance they seem to know everything, but in reality There is no way to probe like that. Why can the formation be able to kill a blood essence, climbing up from mortals? "

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    Vuong Tieu Uyen nodded, instinctively wondering why the food could fly up to eat, but she said without thinking: "Okay! Hopefully this competition can satisfy us!"