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    At this time, Vuong Han's cell phone rang directly. The two looked at the phone, the caller was Lan Ninh Tieu Hi.

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    Today, the alliance of central provinces and counties are fighting each other. The day after their great war ends, will the origin arrange another opponent for them, so that the great war between the provinces and counties will continue? he will never be able to have true happiness. Finally, when it actually stands at the top of the mountain, the center actually has such a one-in-a-billion chance of successfully climbing to the top of the entire void source quality, such that the pure will eventually go to the bottom? These states of pearls are all condensed from its essence. There needs to be a way to directly return these state of beads to their pure state. I'm afraid that a ray of light and a snap of the fingers will engulf them. Minh Bang-District is still euphoric after the war into endless horror. It's gone. Why?"

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    “Okay, then please convince me not to do that, otherwise I have work to do here.” Vuong Han talked to it while looking around, there were still those floating air bubbles around. Land, even if cleared once, this place cannot be lived in for a long time.

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    “Is this Hua Hai?” Tieu Truong Dang's expression was extremely surprised. She stood quietly in place, one hand still tightly holding Dai Nhi's palm next to her. Although she was a little surprised in her heart, she also knew it. No matter how excited she is, she cannot let go of Dai Nhi's hand at this time, otherwise she will definitely be taken away in the blink of an eye. After that, she definitely doesn't want to let Uncle Vuong Han return from the front. Because of my stupidity, this situation appeared, "I feel my eyes are attracted by it. If my strength is recognized by Uncle Vuong Han in the future, I will definitely go to Tu Hai." See what's at the bottom of the abyss. I don't believe it, the things in there are simply dead silent, and should have a story of their own in there.

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    Lam Ninh Tieu Hi's heart tightened and said seriously: "No one says they won't make mistakes, no, even Vuong Han will make mistakes, you must have heard of it, he wants to know the exact cause." core." source quality is that he wants to atone for his mistakes through source quality, so he has made a mistake, he must be brave enough to bear the mistake, even if the price of this mistake is very serious important, but there is no way, being able to face what you have done wrong is a necessary experience in life, not to mention that your father is already an adult, adults must take responsibility for what they do. wrong, so when the time comes the center will directly test, but you have to know that there is very little you can do in there. the center is the center, you can carry it on your back and prevent it from finding out, but once it finds out, it will give it to you. The punishment is relatively fair, and because the center itself does not have any emotions, all of its judgments are absolutely fair, and it will not be impulsive nor subject to any advantage. What's the point of intervening?"

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    Thuy Hanh of course complied with Vuong Han's request. Anyway, from her perspective, Vuong Han must return, because everyone comes from the golden yuan, it is difficult for you to survive alone. , don't be afraid of death, we're all greedy for life and afraid of death, right? Moreover, she could also understand Vuong Han's current thoughts, "Don't worry, you should continue moving forward first. If your speed is still relatively fast, then it's roughly one step ahead." months can be completed." entire cave exit. Furthermore, if you really leave this place, then we will be here to help you tell the girl that you can come here in the future."

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    Cutting the head rope is much easier than stealing a piece directly. Vuong Han also did the same. As a result, his head hurt for more than a thousand years. This is for me to constantly experiment with. Looking at the situation, I will put it in the day after tomorrow. Some of those memories, then based on the previous value, were discovered in time, and there was also a reminder from the nightmare, otherwise Vuong Han's thoughts would not be able to endure. Can't stand this barbarism at all. But the end result is still good, Vuong Han spent a hundred years to re-establish an idea, on the second day after the idea was established, he kept the idea himself, that is, he temporarily successfully, he found some key words "In simple terms, this is a simple thing that looks chaotic, but is actually full of order, the main focus is on the circumstances and situations at the time , there is no rigid requirement on the time scale, the core thinking light ball itself will directly bypass the process and directly look at the results in stages."

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    In other words, I am now clearly a small ant living in the giant primordial matter of the state and district, just as I was previously a tiny insect in the virtual animal breeding compartment in the source matter. virtual sea. It's like one round after another, Surrounding the city one after another. When Vuong Han said this, his eyes were both calm and confused. He saw the sky, the sky, the sky, and the sky, he felt that the process of climbing step by step was really too difficult, " But it's okay, hold on, things have come to this, think about the one hundred million years that have passed through the Star Territory Sphere of Time, how many years have I been in this state." - District alliance now? Not even in a hundred years. For me, the gradually accumulated experience and this steadfast heart are all my priceless treasures. As long as I can move forward Climb up, I want to climb up, I should be able to truly understand Knowing how this world is structured, now that I have completely jumped out of the conventional pearl country's living environment, perhaps no one can understand what I want to do."

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    Finally, in this treasure chest there were some dark objects. Vuong Han suspiciously took out this black object. This object was a black tube. Vuong Han looked inside from one end of the black tube. It turned out to be a tube. The black color is not interconnected, meaning it is like a bamboo tube, with a compartment in the middle, "so what is this?"

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    No matter how you look at it, this is a job of finding rules, but after the difficulty of the problem reaches a higher level, finding rules is a problem that requires a lot of computing power, Wang Han didn't know that his computer's power was based on the center's judgment, probably to a certain extent, but with the support of his current computing power, it was still difficult to find see a clear pattern in this type of sample. At some point, Vuong Han opened his eyes, his eyes were bloodshot, he simply took a bite of the food in front of him after calming down a bit, "The difficulty is, he is not a simple change of color. There is no connection between the block and the color block. It is like a ripple on water. It is impossible to see any logic simply by observing a small point of the ripple. Rules, but it is too difficult.

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    know. Wang Han nodded, "In the projection field, not only the outlines of their souls, but also their core thought spheres will be copied into countless small particles, sent to the virtual beast cabin." , they start after spawning, the core thought light ball will spawn with them, and from your point of view, the entire spawning speed will reach a rather astonishing data."

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    Speaking of this, Dai'er was obviously worried that Vuong Han did not want to reveal his inner feelings, so he added heartbrokenly: "You have directly seen all my secrets, so you can't be like that." So cruel, just hide these things in your heart." In front of me, right? You know I'm completely transparent to you right now, nothing at all!"

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    Okay, okay, I know, thank you center for training me! Lanning Situ quickly said gratefully, he began to remember the situation at that time, "At that time I had just come out of the bar, drunk, and I didn't know where I went, but after waking up , I had gained so much thinking ability, at that time I was only interested in unexpected joy, and I didn't remember where I went that night. Some time later, a friend said that my life was I seemed to be picked up by him..."

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    “Don't be afraid, I'm not a bad person.” Vuong Han smiled and looked at Dai Nhi affectionately, "I can perform this surgery for you for free, no matter what you say you want to do. future, I can control the ability to customize future memories I can directly customize it for you, for example if you want to go somewhere in the future, then I can directly weave these memories for you and directly deceive yourself, so that your mind cannot find them when you check yourself. Some information is wrong, and these memories I have to customize for you are very beautiful, you want to communicate with any man of your race, I can help you directly and guarantee to give you a memory that will touch you."

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    "Hmm! Let's go take a look! I'm also really curious what this project is for!" Daier said affirmatively.

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    "Okay, then if I know the logic behind this, I will definitely contact you as soon as possible, and then I will try my best to make your father-son relationship better." Vuong Han smiled and said.

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    Believe me, Vuong Han, you can do other things, but you cannot make fun of this innocent life. Being forced to have no way back and having to deliberately choose, are completely two levels of psychology, and this if If you choose to take shortcuts to learn more about source quality, then you will probably choose things more terrible in the future! I will not make fun of all humanity, even everyone around you, in your eyes, everything is a lowly existence, you will completely become a dark devil! Dai'er was clearly aware of the current situation. When Vuong Han wanted to say something, she immediately added: "Don't tell me you can only do this kind of thing once, this kind of thing can only be done once." If you do it once, you can only do it once, or countless times. ! Really! You want this. Use this child to study once, in the future you will definitely become more and more degenerate, even You might even become Tu Hai and those evil things!"

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    Lanning Situ stopped at this point, afraid that Wang Han would not believe him, he continued: "Actually, this problem is very easy to understand, I don't even understand Tu Hai, so how can I understand Tu Hai?" sea, how can I make something that understands the virtual pet cabin better than me when I have no way of understanding the things in the virtual sea? improve the virtual pet cabin, but to understand the basic operating logic of the entire virtual pet cabin on the basis of the existing virtual pet cabin. Only I fully understand the operating logic. After what happened, I will be sure of all this, and I will be confident when others ask about it."

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    “If we were born to live in sand, and all we did every day was randomly pile up sand into strange shapes, then after we die, the total amount of sand would certainly not be becomes a problem, like a fish in water. Fish are born in water and die in water. They will never say that they took anything away from their lives. Of course, it is endless. But if we are on the banks of a river full of sand, we constantly take sand from the river of sand, and completely fix it and never give it back, then no matter how much sand there is, it will one day be there. that's used up." Dai'er gestured to the surrounding fire next to Wang Han. Red Sky, "Don don't you see the source everywhere? We are to the source like fish are to the water. We can only play with these things at the source. After we die, isn't the essence that makes up our bodies returned? directly to the quality of the source, how can the quality of the source be used cleanly?

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    Dai'er was scared, "What are you doing?"

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    After Lan Ning Xiaoxi calmed down, she also looked very curious, and obviously became very smart at a glance, "And now I also look at the room, there are no other girls in the room except you , so how did you come up with this? I'm alone! Could it be that you, as a man, can reproduce!?"

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    Dai'er looked at Vuong Han with a complicated face, "So you must have a child?"

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    "If that's the case, things are not normally dangerous!"

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    Well, then neither Tu Hai nor Bach Loan can speed up time, so according to Tu Hai's logic, they must have undergone a transformation, that is, undergone a series of special treatments. Only then can he do this. The shadow of the nightmare appeared in Vuong Han's mind again. Even though he wanted to ask this question directly to the nightmare, he had to not mention the nightmare here. But Bien remembers a special person, and this person is Dai'er.